A highly comfortable lens designed for today's modern lifestyle.

iWear Air reusable is an extra comfortable lens designed with extra softness and excellent fit. Your eyes will feel naturally hydrated and it considerably helps to reduce eye fatigue at the end of the day.

iWear Air contac lens is highly suggested for people who are leading a dynamic lifestyle, and need a flexible contact lens that lasts all day.

The smoother edges allow you to apply your lenses faster without any problems.

BreathTeck is a natural moisture inside the lens that makes it more breathable. Thanks to this technology your contact will attract water and at the same time they give you a better oxygen transmission. For healthier and whiter eyes.

This premium technology creates a shield of water around your lenses that keeps your eyes constantly hydrated and fresh. It's a natural sensation that gives long lasting comfort.


Available for astigmatism Available for presbyopia
Highest hydration
Extra softness
Highest breathability
A long lasting comfort for days
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Why people choose it:

  • Delivers a long lasting extra comfort
  • You get a fresh pair every month
  • They offer the best fitting experience
  • No eye fatigue at the end of the day
  • They stay hydrated throughout the day with no deposits

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