A good performing lens with long lasting comfort.

iWear Hydro reusable is a classic lens that gives you a good level of comfort, breathability and hydration.

iWear Hydro contact lenses are specially suggested for occasional contact lens wearers looking for a great fit and good hydration.

This premium technology creates a shield of water around your lenses that keeps your eyes constantly hydrated and fresh. It's a natural sensation that gives long lasting comfort.


Beschikbaar voor astigmatisme Beschikbaar voor presbyopia
Hoogste hydratatie
Dagen lang comfort
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Why people choose iWear Hydro reusables:

  • Long lasting extra comfort for days,  maximum of 12 pairs for a whole year.
  • Hydration
  • Crisp vision throughout the day
  • Excellent fit
  • Better and clear vision in the evening

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