Oxygen Relax


A premium lens designed for digital device users

iWear Oxygen Relax is a completely new type of contact lens. It's designed to relieve eye strain and fatigue from too much digital device usage. It reduces nausea, eye irritation and redness.

iWear Oxygen Relax is a contact lens that cares for the well-being of your eyes throughout the day.

BreathTeck is a natural moisture inside the lens that makes it more breathable. Thanks to this technology your contact will attract water and at the same time they give you a better oxygen transmission. For healthier and whiter eyes.

This premium technology creates a shield of water around your lenses that keeps your eyes constantly hydrated and fresh. It's a natural sensation that gives long lasting comfort.

DigitPro is a special innovative design that helps you focus on digital devices and helps reduce eye sensitivity at the end of the day.


Beschikbaar voor astigmatisme Beschikbaar voor presbyopia
Hoogste hydratatie
Maximaal ademend
Dagen lang comfort
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Why people choose iWeat Oxygen Relax reusables:

  • Fresh pair every month.
  • Comfortable as the first day you put them on.
  • Perfect for the office or for people who use digital devices many hours during the day.
  • Designed to reduce eye fatigue caused by the use of digital devices.

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